Speaking Russian 10 


91. Beautiful, attractive...ugly.

красивый – beautiful, handsome, pretty

привлекательный – attractive, good looking

некрасивый – ulgy, not nice

92. She is tall. Her height is 179 cm.

Она высокая. – She is tall.

Её рост сто семьдесят девять сантиметров. – Her height is 179 cm.

93. The 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd ... Ordinal Numbers in Russian.

[pErviy] первый – 1st

[ftarOy] второй – 2nd

[trEt-ee-y] третий – 3rd

94. How to say in Russian "Young, elderly, middle aged" and more.

[srEdn-ee-va    vOzrasta] среднего возраста – middle aged

[maladOy] молодой – young

[pazh-ee-lOy] пожилой – elderly

95. How to say in Russian "He is blond", "She is brunette" and more.

[bland-EE-n] блондин – he is blond

[bland-EE-nka] блондинка – she is blonde

[br’y-oo-net] брюнет – he is brunet, dark-haired

[br’y-oo-netka] брюнетка – she is brunette

[s-ee-dOy] седой – he is gray-haired

[s-ee-dAya] седая – she is gray-haired

96. How to say in Russian "Slim, Thin or Large". Body Shape.

[h-oo-dOy] худой – thin (m.)

[strOyniy] стройный – slim (m.)

[pOlniy] полный – large (m.)

[tOlstiy] толстый – stout, overweight; thick, heavy (m.)

97. Boris and Marina.

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98. How to say in Russian "It is not allowed..."

[n-ee-l’zyA] нельзя – one must not; it is not allowed; it is impossible

[zdes’ n-ee-l’zyA  k-oo-r-EE-t’] Здесь нельзя курить. – Smoking is not allowed here.

99. How to say in Russian "It is allowed...", "One may...", "One can..."

[mOzhna] можно it is allowed, it’s possible, one can, one may

[zdEs’ mOzhna k-oo-r-EE-t’] Здесь можно курить. – Smoking is allowed here.

[mOzhna spras-EE-t’] Можно спросить? May I ask?

[mOzhna] Можно? – May I?

100. How to say in Russian "Have a nice weekend"

[harOsh-ee-h vihadnih] Хороших выходных. – Have a nice weekend.


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